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Groups and Team Events Are Our Specialty

All of Fighter Combat’s flight profiles can be combined or expanded into group / team events. Whether you’re here with a bunch of friends just to cut loose or are a corporate event planner looking for a new adrenaline-filled team-building adventure, Fighter Combat has the answer.


For the past seven years, Fighter Combat International has been offering one of the most dynamic and interactive personnel development tools at your disposal for team, client or employee reward and incentive programs.

Our team-building workshops use competition and thrilling experiences to develop core stress-management characteristics. We are expertly trained in air combat, team development, group dynamics and high-stress environment management. However, we never lose focus on making this exciting program fun while providing life-long memories for all participants.

A process that takes fighter pilots many years to master is expertly presented by our Top Gun instructor pilots in a high-energy, fun-filled atmosphere that is ideal for learning through extraordinary events. The participants you select will, without a doubt, have the experience of a lifetime and be talking about this event for years to come.

Consider us part of your training and development team as we work diligently to meet your specific objectives. Of course, facilitators are always welcome.