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Media Activities at Fighter Combat International

Fighter Combat International actively seeks media opportunities through a variety of mediums. Due to the visual nature of the experiences we offer, our preferred media opportunities take advantage of the action-packed video-pleasing flights we offer. Each of our aircraft records the client’s experience from four separate camera angles in digital format. Television and Internet-based media organizations will thoroughly enjoy our integrated capability to help make their coverage a memorable highlight to their followers. In certain instances, the site fee for Fighter Combat International can be reduced or waived by in-trade written arrangements with the media source on a case-by-case basis.

Magazines, radio stations and print-media organizations are encouraged to approach our team with editorial-coverage opportunities featuring our extreme aviation experiences. Often journalists or show hosts will personally participate in one of our adventures to develop a feature story for their organization. Depending up the media venue, these “participant based opportunties” are limited to space-available slots on our schedule.


Unfortunately, Fighter Combat International does not pursue any paid advertising relations in any media venue. Our reputation, in-trade media partnerships, feature participation in a variety of broadcasts and word-of-mouth referrals have be proven to far out perform any paid media placement.

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