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Fighter Combat International Experience In Arizona…Beyond Words!

This really goes beyond words but if I had to choose a way to describe it, I would quote a painting we have in our house: “How great would life be, if we lived a little of it everyday?” The flight experience that you offer personifies that quote perfectly!

- Johnny Sawyer

Fighter Combat Achieves Bucket List Status in Arizona

My daughter booked this “Bucket List” event for me. AMAZING experience to actually fly in a combat situation and feel the G’s, 6G’s in my case.

- Michael Marra
May 2, 2013

Great time! Professional & Supportive Fighter Combat Flight

The booking staff was super flexible with allowing me to change dates and made the process a snap. When we arrived, everyone was incredibly friendly and made the entire experience enjoyable. Flight staff was humorous, professional and supportive. I really couldn’t ask for a better experience. The entire operation was so well run and everyone I worked with had the same high level of customer service. You guys are awesome!!

- Helen Woznack
November 23, 2013