20-Minute Flight of Your Life Power Ride – Aerobatics

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Aircraft: Extra 300L Aerobatic Aircraft
Aircraft Control: You ride, our pilots fly!
Flight Time: Up to 20 minutes
Ground Instruction Hours: 30 minutes
Adventure Duration: 1.5 to 3 hours
Number of Flights: 1
Prerequisites: None
Price: $595


No Flight Experience Required. Inflight Video Included.
Gift Certificate is Complimentary with Purchase.

Prefer to Ride and Let Us Fly? This is it!

If you’re excited about flying aerobatics but don’t want to take the controls then this adrenaline-filled mission is for you. Upon arrival at our squadron, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and introduced to your designated expert aerobatic instructor. Fully briefed, you and your instructor step to the aircraft to get strapped in for an exhilarating 20-minute aerobatic flight. The mission profile begins with warm-ups, then progresses through aerobatic maneuvers from basic to the most advanced. With our fighter pilot doing all of the flying, all you have to think about is having fun! Keep it mild or push yourself to the ultimate in extreme aerobatics – you choose how far you want to go. The profile culminates in an exciting high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway to “wow” family and friends watching from our observation deck. During your debrief, the instructor will give an overview of your accomplishments, play the in-flight video for all to view, and conclude by presenting you with a much deserved “Hero” photo. Your inflight video is included and other Fighter Combat souvenirs are available for purchase.

Price: $595