2-Day Squadron Wingman Program – Air Combat

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Aircraft: Extra 300L Aerobatic Aircraft
Aircraft Control: You Fly!
Flight Time: Up to 90 minutes combined
Ground Instruction Hours: 1 hour and 45 mintes combined
Adventure Duration: Two separate 1/2 days
Number of Flights: 2
Prerequisites: None
Price: $2,245 or buy 2 for $4,190


No Flight Experience Required. Inflight Video Included.
Gift Certificate is Complimentary with Purchase.

Start with the basic mission then proceed to the advanced adventure…

Details on each separate flight can be found at:

Introduction to Air Combat and

Earn your Fighter Combat International Squadron patch by becoming a Squadron Wingman. This 2-day adventure includes two air combat sorties: the Introduction to Air Combat and the Advanced Air Combat Mission. Each event has a dedicated ground training session, a hands-on air combat mission with one of our fighter pilots, formation flying, ground video debriefing, completion package, and a signed hero-photo with your pilot. On return to the airport from each flight, the two aircraft will complete a formation high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway to “wow” family and friends watching from our observation deck. The missions are debriefed by recreating your tactical flights using the multiple-view video and in-flight pilot notes evaluating shots and tactics. While you and your friends watch the video, the instructor will finish your paperwork, sign your photo and make arrangements for anything else you might need. Your videos are included and other FCI gear is available for purchase.

As a “Squadron Wingman Graduate” you qualify for a 15% lifetime discount.


Buy 2 and Fly as a Pair for $4,190 ($300 Off)