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The Ultimate Adventure Flying Experience

When you enjoy the ultimate adventure flying experience–whether it’s an aerobatic thrill ride or the ultimate air combat mission–it doesn’t merely happen by luck. Three key elements are necessary for the undertaking to be successful: personnel, equipment, and location. Each of these aspects of the adventure experience come together to ensure a thrilling time that is intense, fun, and most importantly, safe for any participant from the experienced pilot to someone who has never before touched the airplane controls.


The key to success in almost any endeavor is having the right team working together. Individuals with the right personality, demeanor, and attitude can have a huge influence over an event, assuring a positive outcome. For a flying adventure, you want to search out the best possible pilot with the greatest level of experience. The aircraft commander you select needs to be an experienced instructor pilot with teaching credentials who has the ability and the personality to help you gain the most out of the experience and understand all that is going on around you. Not only do you want an individual who is a gifted aviator, you also want someone with the judgement to ensure a safe environment for you while providing the greatest level of excitement imaginable.

At Fighter Combat International (FCI), each of our instructors has considerable experience in maneuvering in three dimensions and conversing while they fly. Their skill level will impress you while their interaction makes you feel totally comfortable. Years of operational flying in all attitudes provides our pilots with the experience necessary to be comfortable in every situation they face, providing you with the most dynamic yet safe experience possible.

Of course, there are many others besides the pilot who help shape your adventure experience. A solid adventure experience depends on the professionalism of the entire team. Whether it’s the sales team that answer your questions, the schedulers who help make sure your dream event happens on the perfect day, the administration folks who guide you through the paperwork, or the Customer Service Specialists who assist you into the aircraft…the actions of all of these team members help shape your perspective on the total event.


Just as a skilled carpenter cannot create without his tools, even the most skilled aviator needs the proper gear to provide you with the opportunity of your dreams. In this situation, the most important piece of apparatus is the aircraft itself. At FCI you will enjoy the pleasure of flying the EXTRA-300L, a true masterpiece of flying machinery. Nimble and requiring the lightest of control forces, this aircraft will amaze you not only with its agility, but also with the ease of control – even for a customer with no flying experience whatsoever! The cockpit visibility under the bubble canopy is unsurpassed. You will feel like you are flying amongst the clouds on your own as you sit up front with an unfettered view (your instructor pilot sits behind you). This airframe will withstand more demands than modern fighter aircraft. It becomes a roller coaster through the sky, and you decide where the rails take you. Whether you choose to embrace the competitive rigors of flying air combat or the singular grace of flying aerobatics, this aircraft will fulfil your dreams of performance.


Settled just outside of Phoenix at Mesa’s GATEWAY Airport, our location provides scenic vistas while almost always ensuring picture perfect flying weather. Nothing spoils a flying outing like bad weather, which is why we are located in the “Valley of the Sun”. Not only do we have some of the most sensational flying weather anywhere in the world, but we are very close to a myriad of other fun activities to make your visit to FCI even more special. While many folks travel across the continent to enjoy our flying opportunities, they are always pleased with the variety of other opportunities to enjoy while here for their flight. There you have it! For a successful and fun-filled exploration laced with excitement, you need the necessary ingredients of the right personnel, equipment, and location. With the correct combination, you are all but assured of having a worthwhile adventure, creating memories for the ages!