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The Ultimate Adventure Gift!

We deliver the most realistic hard-charging fun-filled air combat experience available in the industry. Our real military fighter pilots provide an authentic tactical briefing, air combat flying experience, formation, high-speed low-altitude fly-by and comprehensive debriefing to every participant. You take the controls flying multiple real air combat engagements against your adversary. Only the bullets are simulated. All missions are flown in the Extra 300L, the world’s highest performance certified aerobatic airplane, equipped with a gunsight, smoke, dual controls, true-to-life sound and a multi-view audio/video system that records every flight.

½ Day Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering

Learn the basics of modern air combat maneuvering…


Price: $1195 
(Buy Two and Get $400 Off!)

Advanced Mission – Battle for the Top Gun Trophy

Enter the world of advanced air combat maneuvering …


Price: $1,495
(Buy Two and Get $600 Off!)

2-Day Squadron Wingman Program - Air Combat

Start with the basic mission then proceed to the advanced adventure…


Price:  $2245
(Buy Two and Get $300 Off!)

2-Day Combination Adventure Package

Combine Air Combat and Aerobatics

Save $199 Off Individual Retail Flight Pricing!


Price: $2095