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Can I Be a Fighter Pilot Right off the Street?

At FIGHTER COMBAT INTERNATIONAL (FCI), customers are led to believe that they can come in off the street--with no flying experience whatsoever--and...

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The Ultimate Adventure Flying Experience

When you enjoy the ultimate adventure flying experience--whether it's an aerobatic thrill ride or the ultimate air combat mission--it doesn’t merely...

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“FOX 2 – Fight’s On”

When you fly one of our Air Combat missions, you will hear “FOX 2, Fight’s On” to initiate our canned setups.  “FOX 2” is a brevity code used...

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Fighter Combat VP Inducted into Airshow Hall of Fame

Fighter Combat International announced today at the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Convention in Las Vegas, the induction of its VP of Training...

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Fighter Combat International Offers Adventure Seekers Wild Rides with Fighter Jet Pilots and Realistic Air Combat Missions

Adventure seekers looking for an unsurpassable once-in-a-lifetime experience will enjoy the wild rides provided by Arizona-based Fighter Combat...

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Fighter Combat 7-Ship Fly-by Event Video in Arizona

Fighter Combat International performed a 7-Ship Formation fly-by and photo shoot in Arizona on 6 April 2013. This video compilation was created by...

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