Fighter Combat International Offers Adventure Seekers Wild Rides with Fighter Jet Pilots and Realistic Air Combat Missions

Adventure seekers looking for an unsurpassable once-in-a-lifetime experience will enjoy the wild rides provided by Arizona-based Fighter Combat International. The aviation adventure company provides thrill-seeking individuals with realistic air combat missions, aerobatic flying and fighter jet-like ride experiences in the world’s highest performance certified aerobatic airplanes – equipped with a gun-sight, smoke, dual controls, true-to-life sound and a multi-view audio/video system that records the flight. No previous flying experience is required for participants.

Mesa, Arizona (PRWeb) June 24, 2010 – Fighter Combat International, an aviation adventure company, now offers realistic air combat missions, aerobatic flying and fighter jet-like ride experiences to adventure seekers from the U.S., Canada and worldwide in Mesa, Arizona. No previous flying experience is required for participants. Each individual’s aviation adventure can be customized from the mild to the wild.

A quadruple-view digital audio/video system enables the pilot to capture the participant’s aerial experience on a keepsake video. Cameras are located on both wingtips, in the customer’s cockpit and a tail-mounted perspective to capture the most wild maneuvers first-hand.

Fighter Combat International is the only aviation adventure company to exclusively employ real NATO fighter pilots with vast experience in aircraft such as F-14, F-15, F-16 or F-18. The company’s fleet consists of world-class unlimited aerobatic German-built Extra 300L aircraft. The Extra is stressed to +/- 10Gs, has a roll rate of 360°/second, and a climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm – making it one of the safest and most capable aircraft in the sky. All planes are specially equipped with integrated projected gun-sight, smoke generators, and combat sound card for realistic air combat special effects.

Fighter Combat International offers the following air combat and fighter jet-like ride experiences:

  • Half-Day Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering – Learn the basics of modern air combat maneuvering, both offensive and defensive, and engage in actual air-to-air combat.
  • Half-Day Advanced Combat Mission – includes everything in the Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering plus three scored competition engagements for the prestigious “Be a Top Gun”, “Aero God” and “G-Monger awards, as well as unlimited aerobatics.
  • Two-Day Squadron Wingman Program – Air Combat – includes the Introduction to Air Combat and the Advanced Air Combat Mission. On return to the airport from each flight, the two aircraft will complete a formation high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway to impress family and friends watching from the observation deck.
  • Two-Day Combination Adventure Package – includes two flights: the 45-minute Flight of Your Life Super Ride and the . Ideally suited for those wanting the opportunity to fly the Extra 300L through maneuvers under the guidance of the fighter pilot instructor as well as the thrill of going head-to-head against an opponent in a mission of air-air combat.
  • 20-Minute Flight of Your Life Power Ride – Aerobatics – flying aerobatics for adventure seekers who don’t want to take the controls.
  • 45-Minute Flight of Your Life Super Ride – Aerobatics –  for those who want to fly a real aircraft hand-on under the guidance of an expert aerobatic instructor.

Fighter Combat International’s air combat missions, aerobatic flying and fighter jet-like ride experiences are priced from $485 to $3,815. Gift certificates and gift cards are available for any holiday or occasion. Flights are available for individuals and groups or can be implemented as reward and incentive programs for corporations seeking to reward valued key clients or to motivate high-performing executives.

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Fly Or Ride! Choose Your Aviation Adventure: Be a Top Gun, Air Combat Experiences and Aerobatic Plane Rides

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