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Redneck Airplanes

Here is a list of some great Redneck...

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9 Gifts for the 9 Lives of an Adrenaline Junkie

Is there an adrenaline junkie on your list for Christmas this year? If so, rather than get them a new watch or a sweater, feed their wild side and get...

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Upright Flat Spin

Client Air Show Pilot: Dennis Suding THE UPRIGHT ACCELERATED FLAT SPIN: AEROBATIC MANEUVER Category (Basic, Advanced or Extreme): Advanced What's...

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Adventurer from Italy Flys Hard

Client Air Show Pilot: Alessandro Category (Basic, Advanced or Extreme): Advanced Advanced Sky Dancing AEROBATIC MANEUVERS What's Happening? Alex...

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The Inside Loop

Category (Basic, Advanced or Extreme): Basic Flight with Fighter Combat to see this maneuver: Super Ride, Power Ride and The video clip below...

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Extreme Mom to Soccer Mom – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for all Types | Infographic

We all know there are many types of Mothers out there who are interested in different types of gifts. So in order to help you in your quest for the...

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