9 Gifts for the 9 Lives of an Adrenaline Junkie

Is there an adrenaline junkie on your list for Christmas this year? If so, rather than get them a new watch or a sweater, feed their wild side and get them an extreme gift that they’ll truly appreciate. Below is a list of 9 extreme gift ideas for the 9 lives of your adventure-seeking adrenaline junkie.

1.    Air to Air Combat Experience
For the person on your list that has always dreamed of shouting, “Check six!! Check six!! Watch the hard deck!” during a g-pulling dog fight like Maverick and Goose, Fighter Combat International offers an opportunity to make this dream a reality. Yep, individuals can experience the thrill of being a fighter pilot without signing up for the Academy. This isn’t just a flight simulation; participants actually get to fly the insanely maneuverable Extra 300L airplane for the majority of the Be a Top Gun excursion.

2.    Tankballing
For some, paintball is the ultimate rush. For others, the opportunity to drive a real tank is the pinnacle of adventure. That said, imagine the rush of participating in an all-out paintball battle while driving a tank! Such is Tankballing. It may be hard to imagine but the opportunity exists and would probably go over extremely well with the thrill-seeking paintball enthusiast in your life.

3.    Race Track Rentals
We’ve all heard of the Autobahn in Germany – a mystical stretch of road that allows drivers to go as fast as they wish. Well, there are private racetracks that will provide a similar experience for the speedster on your list. In fact, they’ll even rent them the car of their dreams by the hour and, with the slightest amount of training, put them in the driver’s seat to fulfill their need for speed.

4.    Shooting Range
It’s one of the more understated thrills but shooting a gun can easily get the heart pounding and the blood racing. To raise the bar a bit, you can buy gift certificates to some gun ranges that don’t just settle for the standard handguns of the world. No, in some cases you can shoot M-16s, Uzis, 50 cal. Sniper Rifles and if you ask reeeaaally nicely (and bribe generously) they might even take you in the back room to try your luck with a rocket launcher.

5.    Segway Rally Racing
You might think that Segways are reserved for mall cops and senior citizens but when tweaked ever so slightly, they can be used for all kinds of adrenaline spouting goodness. All it takes is more power ugh ugh ugh. Knowing this, some excursion companies have souped up their segways with rugged off-road tires and bigger engines to create a whole new sport of segway rally racing – an exciting new way to get the juices flowing.

6.    Bungee Jumping
Also known as the adrenaline junkie gateway drug, bungee jumping is a staple in the world of natural highs. Of course, there are many bungee companies out there so a complimentary jump or two is always a safe gift to give your adventure guru.

7.    Auto Stunt School
Most of us have sat in envy as we’ve watched high-speed chases in the movies that end in a blaze of flaming glory. Unfortunately, we’re also wise enough to know this stuff doesn’t actually happen, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, you can actually go to auto stunt school to learn how to have a high-speed shootout, how to brake in style and of course, how to do a wheelie. While these auto stunt lessons won’t end in explosions, they’re a great way to give your mad max wannabe the ride of their life.

8.    Zip Line Tour
While bungee jumping might be a freefall into thin air, zip lines are a horizontal thrill ride that sends you hurling through space and enjoying the scenery along the way. Whether your adrenaline junkie prefers the canopies of an Alaskan rainforest or the treetops of Costa Rica, a zip line adventure is a great gift idea for anyone looking for a rush.

9.    Skydiving
No list of adrenaline inducing adventures would be complete without the mention of some good old fashion skydiving. Yep, if bungee jumping just isn’t enough for the dare devil on your list, get them 10,000 feet in the air and push them out of a plane. Though it might be the last of their nine lives, there is truly no adrenaline junkie adventure like it.

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